Does your organization need to raise money?
You can sell fresh, delicious, tree ripened Colorado peaches!

Choose a  healthy way to achieve your fundraising goals today!
By selling Palisade Produce Peaches you offer your community a delicious and nutritious opportunity to support their favorite organization.

How a peach fundraiser works:

1. Pre-sale peaches
Beginning in early June you can begin pre-selling peaches in your community. Palisade produce will give you an estimated date for delivery and a price per box, and marketing materials to get you started. Within a few weeks an exact delivery date will be established. Peach harvest starts in mid-July through mid-September.

2. Place your order
You can place your order based on the number of boxes you would like to sell. This enables a worry-free fundraiser. You wont be stuck with a truckload of perishable fruit because each box already has a home!

3. Delivery and distribution
Your peaches will arrive on a refrigerated semi-truck, fresh from the field within three days of being picked. We recommend arranging customer distribution the day they arrive or the following morning to ensure the freshest product is being distributed. Palisade produce needs payment within 14 days of delivery.

Your community will thank you for offering delicious peaches and will look forward to next year!

Choose a FRESH fundraising opportunity!